Halloween Pet Safety Tips

It’s Halloween this weekend! Time to do all your last minute shopping and sewing. But in the hustle and excitement of Halloween, take a quick minute to remember your four-legged friends! Here are 5 tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween:

1) Can the Candy

This may be obvious, but don’t let your pet’s have any Halloween candy. We love helping you take care of your pets, but let’s avoid the unnecessary trip to the vet! Keep the treats high and tell your guests not to feed.


2) Be Seen and Known

Just as it’s important for our children to be seen, the same goes for our pets. If you’re taking your dog trick or treating, add some reflectors to their collars and leashes. Also, make sure your pet’s identification tags and chips are up to date and have the proper information associated with them.


3) Don’t Play Hide-and-Seek

When those trick-or-treaters are coming to the door, make sure your pets can’t get out. The door is going to be opening and closing so much, it’s a good idea to keep the animals in a different room. Or, gate an area off for them with baby gates.


4) Exercise

The best thing you could do to help with the anxiety your pets will feel is to exercise them about an hour before things start to get real spooky (It’ll also help the anxious host!). If exercise isn’t enough for your pet, you may want to talk to your veterinarian about a light sedative.


5) Eat and Be Merry!

Lastly, don’t forget to feed your animal dinner. It’s best to feed them before your guests arrive so they don’t feel threatened with all the people in their home. And, of course, include them in your festivities! Give them tons praise and love so they don’t feel left out.


Happy Halloween, animal lovers :)



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