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  • We will recommend this place to anyone with a pet. Our pets are part of the family and they get that. It comes across in everything they do and how they treat us humans too!
Your pet is your best friend and no one knows them better than you. At Skylands Primary Pet Care, we’re dedicated to strengthening your friendship through education and quality veterinary medicine.


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Wellness Exams
Oral Health Assessment and Treatment
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Specialized Care

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End-of life care

Our Staff

  • Joseph DeLucia DVM, CCRP
    Practice Owner
    Member of the American Veterinary Dental Society
  • Chiara DeLucia
    Practice Manager
  • Dana Lynch CVT, CCRA
    Head Technician


  • Check out the pet medical library written by veterinarians with you, the client, in mind.

  • Preventative wellness care is the cornerstone to keeping your pet healthy.

  • Take 10 minutes to learn how you can make your cat’s vet visit less traumatic. This video will go over all the ways to ease your cat’s car anxiety, making the trip to the veterinarian much easier. Once at Skylands Primary Pet Care, our cat specific exam room is diffused with Feliway cat pheromones and we use cat-specific handling techniques to make things less stressful for Kitty.

  • This is a third party website that has no affiliation with any pet insurance companies. If you’re looking for pet insurance, which we are finding to be more and more helpful to clients as the years go on, please read through this site to determine which pet insurance is best for you and your pet.

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