Summer Pet Safety Tips



Hooray! The New Jersey heat is finally here! It’s time to get out the swimsuits and sit on the beach. But before we do, let’s make sure we take the time to remember some quick tips to keep our pets out of heat’s danger

1. Never leave your pet alone in the car. The temperature can rise to dangerous levels in just a matter of minutes, even with the windows open.

2. Exercise for your pets is best done in the early morning or late evenings when the temperatures are lower, but take the day off when it’s humid.

3. Bring your pet inside during the hottest part of the day.

4. Don’t let your pet linger on asphalt or blacktop – their sensitive paw pads can burn!

5. Make sure they have plenty of fresh, cool water.

6. Know the warning signs of a heat stroke:

  • Excessive panting and restlessness
  • Difficulty breathing and drooling
  • Extreme lethargy or weakness
  • Gums turn blue, purple, or bright red (due to lack of oxygen)
  • Seizure

If your pet shows any signs of a heat stroke, immediately bring them in a cool area and place wet towels in their armpits, groin, and back of neck. Then, bring them right to your veterinarian’s office. Heat stroke (also knowns as hyperthermia) is life threatening and should be treated immediately.

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