The Four Pillars of Wellness

Vaccines are just one of four pillars for your pets preventative wellness. Dogs and cats naturally have very different lifestyles than humans. Because of this they have an increased risk of exposure to potentially fatal diseases.  Vaccines protect your pet against these  diseases – some of them transmissible to people.

Today’s vaccines have proven prolonged immunity. However, not every pet has the same lifestyle. Which leads to the second pillar of wellness: the physical exam. An annual wellness exam is a great tool to helping guide you and the doctor in the choice and frequency of vaccines. Unlike “shot” clinics, we record a detailed history (including nutrition) and perform a complete physical examination. Not only does this provide an opportunity for us to tailor disease protection, but it can help uncover other issues that your pet may be experiencing.

Laboratory screening is the third pillar of wellness. If your pet is suffering from an unknown condition, early detection can mean a longer, comfortable life.

The last, most essential pillar of wellness is you. The bond between you and your pet is a unique relationship. And it’s our goal to provide you with the tools and information to make the best decision for your pet’s health. We understand what your pet means to you because ours mean the same to us.

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